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These Bins are pulling double-duty on a local level

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New Clothing & Shoes Recycling Program Making a Local Difference

According to the EPA, the average American discards 70lbs of unwanted clothing, shoes & textiles into landfills each year, which amounts to an astounding 16.9 billion pounds of preventable waste every year.

The Town of Davie is pleased to announce the commencement of recycling clothing, shoes & textiles in support of the Town of Davie Community Endowment Fund. The town’s leaders showed true forward thinking and a passion for the environment when they approved the clothing recycling program.

The bright white Clothing Recycling Bins are easily identified by the Town of Davie logo (as pictured) and are placed at popular locations throughout the Town. The Bins provide residents with many convenient places to drop off their clothing and shoes, while assisting the Town of Davie in this Green Effort.

Not only are they helping the environment by keeping clothing, shoes and textiles out of our local landfill, they also help fund 12 local organizations through the Town’s Community Endowment Fund.  So, the next time you see one of the Town’s Clothing Recycling Bins, give it a big thumbs-up for working so hard.

The next time you clean out your dresser, closet, garage or storage unit, be sure to gather the clothes and shoes you want to recycle and drop them off at a Bin near you. You can find a complete list of the drop off locations online at DavieClothingBins.com. The bins are open 24/7/365 for your convenience.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s fill the Bins!

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